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Our next dance is March 23rd at Escape Bar and Grill.

Join us at 7:00 for lessons and 8:00 for social dancing.

Who we are:

Serving the Greater Portland Oregon/Vancouver Washington area, we are a Country/Western dance community for Lesbian, Gay, Straight, Bi, Trans, Queer and Gay friendly dancers of all dance abilities, beginner to advanced: singles, couples, groups.

We are an all volunteer organization, from our Board Members to those who put in time and energy to help keep us vibrant.

Lessons every dance start at 7 pm with open dancing at 8:00. Typically, these lessons include a line dance as well as CW Two-Step. Your $10.00 cover includes lessons and the dance and goes entirely to covering our costs. Our normal Stomptown schedule is the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.

Our goal is fun dancing and socializing in a friendly, safe and welcoming environment in the Country Western spirit of social dance.

About Us

The LGBTQ community has enjoyed country/western dancing in Portland for many years. Our venue have seen many changes. We are a committee of passionate people who can round up the best venue to meet our dancing and social needs while keeping the cost to you at a minimum amount.

Your participation in this event is invited and encouraged. To volunteer, please send us an email.

Board Members, Past and Present

Current Board Members Current Board Members

Brian Harris and Robert Richter:
Brian Harris Robert Richter

Dylan Giana and Jeffrey Howard
Dylan Giana Jeffrey Howard

Bob Ding and Daniel Hutchinson
Bob Ding Daniel Hutchinson

Our Founding Board Members

Reuben Chong and Rodney Taylor
Reuben Chong Rodney Tyler

Brian Harris and Robert Richter
Brian Harris Robert Richter

Daniel Hutchinson and Sami Dresner
Daniel Hutchison Sami Dresner

Pamlin Pegg

Some of Our Volunteers

Ben Hoff and Dave Jackson
Ben Hoff Dave Jackson

Dave Morrison and Lyle Speisschaert
Dave Morrison Lyle Speisschaert

Michele Lish and Mike Phillips
Michele Lish Mike Phillips

ra Anderson and Rebecca Dobkins
Ruth Ann Anderson Rebecca Dobkins